Crystals have an important role in preventing disease and keeping you healthy, but if you do succumb to illness, they are a gentle but effective healing tool. Healing can be defines as brining the body, emotions, mind and spirit back into harmony. It does not neccesarily imply a cure, although it frequently ameliorates conditions. Crystal healing is a gentle and non-invasive process that creates balance on all levels, and one that can provide support to the body's own internal healing systems. The lore on which it is based has its roots in antiquity and the body of knowledge is, therefore, supported by thousands of years of practical experience.

Crystals interact with the human energy field to heal, calm, stimulate or adjust the energies within it and to bring the body back into balance. They are beneficial for children, animals, adults and the environment. Crystals also work on attitudes, emotions and the mind, instilling a feeling of well-being, neutralising negativity, lifting depression and assisting coordination - both mental and physical.